Guild Endpoint implementation

Hypixel API Endpoint:

This endpoint returns Guild data by a player, name or id


Create a new Guild object with client, id and guild type.


const guild = new Guild(client, 'guild name', 'name');

Other functions

List of all Guild methods:

  • getGuildData - Get the guild data and cache it to a variable
  • get - Get the guild
  • getID - Get the ID of the guild
  • getName - Get the guild name
  • getNameLower - Get the guild name in lower case
  • getDescription - Get the description of the guild
  • getCreatedAt - Get the guild creation timestamp
  • isJoinable - Check if the guild is joinable
  • isPubliclyListed - Check if the guild is publicly listed
  • getExperience - Get experience of the guild
  • getLevel - Get the level of the guild (see Leveling)
  • getTag - Get the guild tag
  • getTagColor - Get the guild tag color
  • getLegacyRanking - Get the guild legacy ranking
  • getCoins - Get guild coins amount
  • getCoinsEver - Get the guild coins ever amount
  • getMembersCount - Get the members count of the guild
  • getMembers - Get the members list of the guild
  • getAchievements - Get the achievements of the guild
  • getPreferredGames - Get preferred games of the guild
  • getExpByGame - Get the guild experience by game type


Guild has its own leveling system.

See Guild Leveling system implementation by Plancke.

You can use GuildLeveling in your project.

List of all GuildLeveling methods:

  • getLevel - Get guild level by provided experience